Training Course

Selection of teachers, to teaching for need, helps promoting enterprise core competitiveness.

Training Course

The site builds the cooperation relationship with traning center, Xi'an Shiyou University which offer skill training for decades.

Current training courses include:

Oil&gas development:Fine water reservoirs, EOR technology well test analysis and data interpretation, heavy oil recovery technology

Oil&gas exploration:the unconventional oil and gas reservoir development technology, petroleum geology and exploration of new technologies, the sedimentary microfacies study

Oil & gas drilling:drilling and completion technology, complex training, structure of well drilling technology drilling and drilling new measurement technology

Oil &gas storage and transportation:storage and analysis of injection and production operation management, down hole operation training in new technologies, casing damage and comprehensive treatment

Safety production:oil production safety management, safety engineering training, the gas production engineering and safety management

Business:According to oil industry development needs, self-organized or co-organized with the oil companies technical training; all kinds of Petroleum Technology courses commissioned by Sponsor or professional organizations entrusted.

The following training courses are that we've already run:

Production data analysis Well test analysis technology
Unconventional shale gas development technology Fine waterflood development technology
Horizontal well development technology Modern drilling and completion new technology
Oil production pipeline corrosion monitoring and protection technology training courses Fracturing Technology courses
Water drive reservoir on enhanced oil recovery Natural gas development on production technology optimization
Oil production safety and environmental protection technology training courses Low permeability oilfield development technology
Coal-bed methane mining technology Geothermal energy development and utilization technology
Power Dispatching technology Intelligent oil exploration technology training courses
... ...