Call For Expert

We are looking for top experts in oil and gas,please join us and give you a platform to publicize and promote your new ideas and new methods.

Call for Experts

HX Academic Network is committed to industry technology exchange and dissemination of knowledge. Call for volunteer experts including lecturers or distinguished presenters, peer reviewers of papers or awards, and experts of other academic activities.

Presenters:submit your presentation contents related to new knowledge and new technologies, new ideas and new methods that you want to publicize and promote, or you want to communicate through our meetings. You tell us your convenient time so that we could promptly arrange for you on the meetings.

Paper reviewers:you can review papers by email or online, after we distribute papers to you. Thank you so much for your contribution to scientific-technical progress.

Training lecturers:submit course names、outlines what you want to teach,and convenient time to us. We will provide opportunities for lectures on relevant courses in time. Of course, you will get reward.

HXAN Disciplines:

Exploration Surveillance Development Surveillance
Drilling and Completions Production and Operations
Reservoir Description and Dynamics Surface Facilities and Construction
Management and Information Health, Safety, Security Environment and Social Responsibility