Dig a better you

Every day we are busy working, have accumulated but no sublimation, lack of foresight's vision. Now, Hxan.com invite you to join the high-end webinars in the petroleum industry, dig a better you without ever leaving your desk.

Online Training Courses and Web Events

1.Course Forms:

We provide online training courses, lectures and advanced seminars through video conference system.The course duration varies from 1 to 3 days. The instructors are all top experts from both China and other countries. We also organize webinars and training courses commissioned by enterprises. Top international experts will be invited to instruct training courses and special seminar or special training courses ,which focus on solving the great technical problems faced by relevant companies. We will aslo conduct a senior seminar where serveal experts will join in the discussion about the solution of the difficulty technical problems.


We specialize in training courses and advanced seminars on Oilfield Exploration and Development, Oil & Gas Storage and Transportation, Refining and Chemical Engineering, Intelligent Information Technology, Human Resource Management, Financial Management and Business Management.


Webinars and training courses will satisfy the needs of human resource training,owning to its high efficiency,much convenience and low cost.